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‘Religious leaders’ ‘step down’ February 25, 2013

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Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Britain’s highest-ranking Catholic leader, said Monday he wouldn’t take part in the conclave to elect the next pope after being accused of improper conduct with priests – an unprecedented first head to roll in the mudslinging that has followed Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign.

Source: National Post

Benedict accepted O’Brien’s resignation as archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh – submitted back in November because he is due to turn 75 next month, the normal retirement age for bishops. But simultaneously, O’Brien issued a statement Monday saying he would also skip the conclave because he didn’t want to become the focus of media attention at such a delicate time for the church.

O’Brien has said through his spokesman that he is contesting allegations made Sunday in a British newspaper that three priests and a former priest have filed complaints to the Vatican alleging that the cardinal acted inappropriately with them. The Observer newspaper did not name the priests, but it said their allegations date back to the 1980s. There were no details about the alleged inappropriate behavior.

Read the full story here 

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Russian meteor – exploring a tangled web February 25, 2013

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The Russian meteor event has thrown a complex haystack of stories into the public domain presenting opportunities for us all to examine the mainstream media and alternative angles and put a thread through our own tiny eyelet of ‘truth’.

Click the links below to furnish yourself with some examples of the range of opinion out there:

Was the blaze of fire and huge explosion in the sky –

a) A meteor that exploded on entering Earth’s atmosphere (similar to the Tunguska event in 1908).

b) A meteor that was blasted out of the sky by mysterious ‘Cauldrons’ before impact. Video link here.

c) A US weapons test.

d) A message from God.

e) A crashing alien spaceship.

f) An extraterrestrial trojan horse carrying a deadly space virus to wipe out the Earth.

Certainly the most high profile news stories claim some kind of natural random occurrence of a large rock fragment falling from outer space and naturally disintegrating in the upper atmosphere.  The i09 story highlights that, in a recent poll barely half of the Russian respondents didn’t believe that the blast was a meteor at all.

Looking for related threads I stumbled across the following video from an astrophysicist connected to the Learmonth Observatory in Australia – a Planetary Defence centre designed to track and monitor asteroids and other space debris and otherwise known as Project Wormwood in reference to the following:

“The third angel sounded his trumpet,
and a great star, blazing like a torch,
fell from the sky on a third of the rivers
and on the springs of water
– the name of the star is Wormwood.”
Revelation 8:10-11

In this video, (link here) Jim McCanney brings to light his concerns that this group of military personnel and professional astronomers have detected that Earth is entering a mini solar system. An event that is bound to give rise to incoming meteor and solar system collisions.

With my discernment monitors set to high alert I am reminded to question EVERYTHING and I wonder whether project Wormwood represents a body of individuals I can trust . . . it is interesting to note that the introductory paragraph from the Australian Government explain that Planetary Defence is  “a term used to indicate the realisation that we are under bombardment from outer space. Not from an alien agressor, but from a sporadic bombardment by naturally occuring objects in the solar system: asteroids and comets – fragmentary space debris – which occasionally are perturbed onto a collision course with Earth.”

Rest assured, Planetary Defence has got nothing to do with aliens. OK?!

Something about the way the Russian meteor exploded has me doubting whether meteors really explode like that in the Earth’s atmosphere. With accounts that the miscellaneous object exploded with the force of x30 Hiroshima bombs, I am seriously doubting whether this event was due to a naturally fragmenting piece of space debris.

I am concerned that the appearance of more mysterious explosions may lead some to conclude that Nibiru must be the answer along with Zecharia Sitchin’s Sumerian accounts that the Human race is nothing more than an engineered slave race destined for destruction by their ever powerful godlike creators.  Conclusion – we are all doomed and to our destruction or further enslavement we will blindly walk.

We have been undermined by forces that have sought to enslave us for as long as our 3D experience has been our reality. What is left is our acquiescence to this belief. With our changing perception and capacity to discern fact from fiction we are better equipped to know who the enemy is outside and work on the impact that this enemy has had within our self perception over time, unlocking the wounds or doors to our transformational and magical selves. We are clearly facing the eternal dilemma of humankind – so set on the illusion of our insignificance we will happily give away our power to those who seek to have power over us.

Whether you believe in the meteor story or not perhaps it has raised further questions of who or how to trust in your forever changing ‘reality’. If you believe in your heart that humankind is, by its nature, a loving embodiment of light and life who desires nothing more than the opportunity to build and share with fellow humans then keep creating from that place within you because it is this that will engineer that reality for you and those close to you. Admittedly, we are not all of that leaning and so those who seek to have power over you will continue to do just that and if you haven’t made up your mind yet then take care, you may just find yourself looking in the wrong place for a leader.

For the latest meteor monitoring and related news click here.

The Evolution of Darwin’s Head February 10, 2013

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“It’s an odd quirk of social evolution that both gun nuts and the military should appear bullet headed. They’re shorn and thin lipped with an alienating look, hostile aggressive and darkly threatening as if hell bent on creating a self selecting stereotype”

We hope you enjoy more dry and painfully accurate observation from the abiding counter-cultural mind of Heathcote Williams.

Watch the full montage and narration by Alan Cox here:

Newsletter DVD offer February 10, 2013

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One can never rely on things being the same these days. Who knows when your favourite documentary will be shown on PSTV for you to introduce your friends to the wonders of paradigms shifting. . . maybe even live TV channels will become a thing of the past, what then? We strongly encourage anyone interested in pushing the boundaries come what may to host film screenings and get recorded copies of the films you have found most illuminating in your journey into the fringes of reality. Er.. and don’t forget the back-up power system and Faraday cage for your electronic gear in case of an electromagnetic incident. Find out about making fuel for your generator from waste plastic here.

To keep up-to-date with the latest PSTV blog news and weekly TV schedule, sign up to the PSTV newsletter. Registered users get 5% off our wide selection of DVDs from our ever growing selection. Our top sellers are:

The True History of Marijuana: Digs deep to expose a world-wide conspiracy, led by the petrolchemical industry, that has outlawed one of the most useful plants known to mankind. Link – http://shop.pstv.tv/content/true-history-marijuana
The New American Century: Presents all the historical, philosophical, economical and political facts that support the theory of the 9/11 terrorist attacks being an ‘inside job’. Link – http://shop.pstv.tv/content/new-american-century
The Living Matrix: Transform your belief of how to get well and stay well. Link – http://shop.pstv.tv/content/living-matrix

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With Love to you all xx


Dr Rock’s Radio show February 10, 2013

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PSTV recommend Dr Rock’s radio show podcasts. Live shows go out every Thursday but you can download podcasts from past weeks shows here:


Recent highlights include:

Killer Bunny attacks banks
Thursday January 31, 2013
A live Skype chat with Simon Spaniard of White Rabbit Education regarding his extensive challenge of the entire financial system, and his impending criminal prosecution of a bank for fraud and theft of negotiable instruments. Also, consideration of a recent decision by the Ministry of Justice to scrap the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Panel a mere four years after its inception.

Cannabis Club
Thursday January 24, 2013
Cannabis has been associated with human settlements since the Old Stone Age. Nowadays even to be in the presence of the plant is deemed to be a criminal offence. In this pod Dr Rock talks with Ian of the Gwynedd Cannabis Club.What is a cannabis club? Why is cannabis illegal and what harm does it cause? Does prohibition work and, were it not for prohibition, might humanity find uses for what appears to be a highly versatile plant and medicine? How does a massive underground market survive whilst remaining illegal?

Should we talk to the police? And why won’t people listen?
Thursday January 17, 2013
Dr Rock plays and comments on Professor Duane’s presentation on Youtube, Don’t Talk to the Police Under Any Circumstances. Professor Duane, a former criminal defence attorney, delivers a detailed and entertaining presentation on our right to remain silent. Afterwards, Officer Brooks, a police officer of 28 years experience, describes what techniques might be used should individuals consent to converse.Also, why don’t the fast asleople believe a word the new media says? In an extract from 911: Explosive Evidence, psychologists talk of the shattering effects that arise when cherished truths are challenged.

An Iraqi child asks Tony Blair and George Bush: Are you happy now? February 4, 2013

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An Iraqi child
Is drawing bombers, like those
Which nearly killed him.

The bombs have left his face
Swollen with fierce injuries –
Marks of angry pain.

He draws the bombers,
Though his arm and some fingers
Are amputated.


Video: An Iraqi Child. Words by Heathcote Williams. Narration and montage by Alan Cox. (5 mins)


Recycle waste plastics into fuel in your own backyard February 3, 2013

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After watching Matt Stern’s interview on Project Camelot (see The End of ‘The Grid’ as we know it) I am reassured to discover how easy it seems to be to recycle virtually any old plastic waste* into fuel to run a multitude of engines. We got in touch with some of PSTV’s engineering friends who have recently been playing at turning waste plastics into fuel and although it’s early days they are having a good deal of success. If you are at all concerned about how you will manage if/when the energy grid goes down then this will interest you greatly.

We have been browsing the tube for some starting points but there is lots more to look at when designing your prototype:

Some background and an industrial waste processing plant – Ventana Cleantech : Converting Waste Plastics to Petroleum Fuels

A more rudimentary approach

This shows the concept working at its most basic

*Except PVC. Due to the added chlorine in the plastic which does not condense into fuel and is released as a harmful vapour.