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Our Place in the Sun March 4, 2013

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“Astronauts who have seen the Earth from space have often described the ‘overview effect’ as an experience that has transformed their perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it, and enabled them to perceive it as our shared home, without boundaries between nations or species.”

PSTV recommends:
The Overview Effect – Planetary Collective

This short film encapsulates the moment of realisation, shared by many astronauts who are able to reflect on the singularity of Earth and their part in the development of its story. Many who have reported this kind of experience liken it to a Nirvana state but, instead of reaching out of the body and into a larger conscious awareness through states of meditation, they remain in their body and are able to see Planet Earth as a singular entity – out there, in the blackness of space.

As I watched, I reflected on recent thoughts about the cultivation of a sovereign mindset that is rippling around out there in the human realm and relating this to the sovereignty of a conscious planetary being, also presumably aware in a holistic capacity of its role in the ‘bigger picture’ and a willing host to all this mayhem.

Whilst it is so safe and ‘normal’ to feel that we are in our bodies and attached to our ego interpretation of self there is that ever more prescient desire for an experience that is not so attached to that limiting perspective. I found myself remembering the first time I looked at the moon through a telescope and, on seeing the ball bristling with craters instead of the flat illuminated disk, I felt my consciousness warp as I realized and felt for the first time in my life that I was standing on a planet flying through space.

It is this kind of experience that I am searching for – something that gives me an entirely new perspective on my reality and life here on Earth, standing on fresh ground, fertile with ideas and outside the limitations of the current world view. Most importantly, I want to share that new experience with others, increasing our reality bubble ten thousand fold until we burst into a new era.

This wave of personal sovereignty in all its potential is building through numerous movements towards freedom that offer mechanisms to disengage with The System. Many of these methods encourage engaging in a new relationship with our public infrastructure from a perspective that knows that something is deeply wrong with the way The System operates (i.e. benefiting a few rather than many). Born from a desire to make sense of the world in which they find themselves, millions of people everywhere must be looking for a way out.

Here are a few examples of groups who are helping others to jump ship:

The Peoples Public Trust (PPT)
See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKgdAX_hqV8 for more.

One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT)
Or here: http://wakeup-world.com/2013/02/18/all-corporations-banks-and-governments-lawfully-foreclosed-by-oppt/

The Universal Community Trust (UCT)
More here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSoA8qQW2uQ

(Our UK based PPT has recently been met with a US based group using almost the same name – the OPPT. This interesting development will hopefully not engender too much conflict or confusion… suffice to say, the UK’s PPT came first!)

Each group offers various ways to extricate oneself from the state machine and all are worth researching for their different merits. Inevitably however, the onus will be on each individual making life choices for him/herself that can facilitate the movement from one reality to another. There is a need for us to move together and be visible and audible in our decisions, moving steadily and with determination, finding The Others who will make the journey smoother but ultimately real change comes from within us all on an individual level.

This gradual transformation takes me back to the changing body of planet Earth and its natural cycles of growth and decay. Consider, perhaps that a conscious entity in its own right has made itself available for this breakthrough of conscious experience and is engaging with us in the journey. Our own bodies and our inner worlds are tied to this expansion, we have asked for this experience and we will either decide to change and adapt with the flow or stay embedded in the lesson, still searching for something…

For more muse-ment on planetary consciousness and the human condition watch:
A Place in the Sun – Heathcote Williams


Russian meteor – exploring a tangled web February 25, 2013

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The Russian meteor event has thrown a complex haystack of stories into the public domain presenting opportunities for us all to examine the mainstream media and alternative angles and put a thread through our own tiny eyelet of ‘truth’.

Click the links below to furnish yourself with some examples of the range of opinion out there:

Was the blaze of fire and huge explosion in the sky –

a) A meteor that exploded on entering Earth’s atmosphere (similar to the Tunguska event in 1908).

b) A meteor that was blasted out of the sky by mysterious ‘Cauldrons’ before impact. Video link here.

c) A US weapons test.

d) A message from God.

e) A crashing alien spaceship.

f) An extraterrestrial trojan horse carrying a deadly space virus to wipe out the Earth.

Certainly the most high profile news stories claim some kind of natural random occurrence of a large rock fragment falling from outer space and naturally disintegrating in the upper atmosphere.  The i09 story highlights that, in a recent poll barely half of the Russian respondents didn’t believe that the blast was a meteor at all.

Looking for related threads I stumbled across the following video from an astrophysicist connected to the Learmonth Observatory in Australia – a Planetary Defence centre designed to track and monitor asteroids and other space debris and otherwise known as Project Wormwood in reference to the following:

“The third angel sounded his trumpet,
and a great star, blazing like a torch,
fell from the sky on a third of the rivers
and on the springs of water
– the name of the star is Wormwood.”
Revelation 8:10-11

In this video, (link here) Jim McCanney brings to light his concerns that this group of military personnel and professional astronomers have detected that Earth is entering a mini solar system. An event that is bound to give rise to incoming meteor and solar system collisions.

With my discernment monitors set to high alert I am reminded to question EVERYTHING and I wonder whether project Wormwood represents a body of individuals I can trust . . . it is interesting to note that the introductory paragraph from the Australian Government explain that Planetary Defence is  “a term used to indicate the realisation that we are under bombardment from outer space. Not from an alien agressor, but from a sporadic bombardment by naturally occuring objects in the solar system: asteroids and comets – fragmentary space debris – which occasionally are perturbed onto a collision course with Earth.”

Rest assured, Planetary Defence has got nothing to do with aliens. OK?!

Something about the way the Russian meteor exploded has me doubting whether meteors really explode like that in the Earth’s atmosphere. With accounts that the miscellaneous object exploded with the force of x30 Hiroshima bombs, I am seriously doubting whether this event was due to a naturally fragmenting piece of space debris.

I am concerned that the appearance of more mysterious explosions may lead some to conclude that Nibiru must be the answer along with Zecharia Sitchin’s Sumerian accounts that the Human race is nothing more than an engineered slave race destined for destruction by their ever powerful godlike creators.  Conclusion – we are all doomed and to our destruction or further enslavement we will blindly walk.

We have been undermined by forces that have sought to enslave us for as long as our 3D experience has been our reality. What is left is our acquiescence to this belief. With our changing perception and capacity to discern fact from fiction we are better equipped to know who the enemy is outside and work on the impact that this enemy has had within our self perception over time, unlocking the wounds or doors to our transformational and magical selves. We are clearly facing the eternal dilemma of humankind – so set on the illusion of our insignificance we will happily give away our power to those who seek to have power over us.

Whether you believe in the meteor story or not perhaps it has raised further questions of who or how to trust in your forever changing ‘reality’. If you believe in your heart that humankind is, by its nature, a loving embodiment of light and life who desires nothing more than the opportunity to build and share with fellow humans then keep creating from that place within you because it is this that will engineer that reality for you and those close to you. Admittedly, we are not all of that leaning and so those who seek to have power over you will continue to do just that and if you haven’t made up your mind yet then take care, you may just find yourself looking in the wrong place for a leader.

For the latest meteor monitoring and related news click here.

Kickstarter appeal: Time of the Sixth Sun January 22, 2013

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In support of this timely film and the statement pertaining to our transition. Not forgetting the gruesome mess we find ourselves in of course, we still have much dreaming and creating to do individually and collectively before we find ourselves in the reality of being truly united…

To find out more and to support the project click here


Time of the Sixth Sun is an epic docu-drama about the awakening and transformation of global consciousness, a witnessing of these times and the huge potential we have for change in the world, in the way we relate to it and in the way we live in it.

Introduced by actress Greta Scacchi and guided by our storyteller Tobias, who speaks to us on behalf of the collective from across time and space, we hear the transmissions of our world’s wisdom keepers. The film explores our awakening process from the point of seeding this planet through to humanity’s ascension as we move into a more evolved state of being and ascend to a higher level of collective consciousness. The film follows our ‘everyman’ protagonist, a travelling troubadour on his journey of awakening, as he symbolically and metaphorically reflects our journey back to us. This is a story about a journey to the heart as our collective experience becomes one of unity rather than separation.

FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/TimeoftheSixthSuntheMOVIE

Toward a Hermeneutics of Love January 20, 2013

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If humans are social beings by nature, love is the expression of the intrinsic bond that sustains our intrinsic connections to others. A hermeneutics of love, as I understand it, makes a bold claim that, if we want to know the truth about another person, the best access to that truth is not through a detached indifference, but through a genuine, deeply felt love for that person. If I really want to know someone, a friendship with that person, for example, is more likely to yield a more impactful insight than treating the person like a rat in an experimental maze.

Excerpt from The New Existentialists. Read the full article here.

Using (the) phenomenological method, von Hildebrand arrives at what he concludes are the “essential traits of love”:

1.    Love as the most affective value-response

According to von Hildebrand, mental acts that are driven by the appetites, such as hunger, thirst, and sexual desire, are different kinds of acts than value-responses, such as respect, veneration, and love. Those who are familiar with Viktor Frankl’s work will recognize that Frankl likewise distinguished between drives and values. Whereas drives “push” a person from behind, values “pull” the person along; they are teleological in nature. Similar to Abraham Maslow’s Being-values, values do not seem to be satiated nor exhausted, but maintain their power. This is because they are not meeting basic physiological needs of the organism; they are related more directly to noological or spiritual or psychological dimensions of the person.

Love is a value-response because it does not reduce the other person to an instrument merely to satisfy my own physiological needs. True love, rather, is a matter of recognition the intrinsic value of the whole person of the beloved other. Genuine love does not reduce the beloved to a means to the end of my own satisfaction, but rather, appreciates the beauty and goodness of the other for his or her own sake.

Von Hildebrand says that love is the most affective value-response—a claim that would need more space and attention to pursue in depth. But, in short, he means that when we love the other person we give of ourselves to the other—there is an aspect of self-donation (see below), and also a charitable interpretation of the other. We see the other person not through our own pride such that we would exaggerate the importance of the other person, but rather accept the person’s limitations. Yet, we see the other’s limitations as less central and even alien to the beloved’s true nature or essence. To love the other is to recognize not just the flawed person he or she is, but the ideal person who he or she is latently capable of being in actuality. And our love helps to bring this potential into being.

Read full article here: http://www.newexistentialists.com/posts/01-15-13

Source: The New Existentialists

The Nazi roots of the European Union January 9, 2013

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The Nazi roots of the European Union.

excerpt: Once upon a time, there was an industrial combine in Nazi Germany called IG Farben. It was the largest chemical/pharmaceutical octopus in the world. It owned companies, and it had favorable business agreements with companies from England to Central America to Japan.

The author of The Devil’s Chemists, Josiah DuBois, traveled to Guatemala in the early days of World War 2, and returned with the comment that, as far as he could tell, Guatemala was “a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.”

This article will refer you to two other riveting books, but first I want to make a few comments.

The pharmaceutical empire was and is one of the major forces behind the European Union (EU). It is no accident that these drug corporations wield such power. They aren’t only involved in controlling the medical cartel; they are political planners.

This is how and why Big Pharma fits so closely with what is loosely referred to as the New World Order. The aim of enrolling every human in a cradle-to-grave system of disease diagnosis and toxic drug treatment has a larger purpose: to debilitate, to weaken populations.

This is a political goal. It facilitates control.

Clink on the link above to read more…


Know thy Enemy Know thy Self January 6, 2013

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Blog response to The Third Force

I was pleased and surprised to see that the previous article had made it to the top of the most read articles on Veterans Today. It is a subject that has struck me as one of the most important to integrate yet one of the most difficult to discuss.

The alien agenda brings with it a multitude of questions and a confusion of answers that may leave even the most open-minded scrutineers in a fearful quandary. When attempting to uncover the root of the global problem it is quite a leap to navigate from scapegoating a few powerful families and their forefathers to this third force – an alien race with a penchant for global domination who must create a mindless and subservient population in order to perpetuate their reign.

Or maybe it’s not so big a leap. Perhaps more like a natural progression because even when the Rothschilds and their cold blooded family and friends become clear suspects as the controlling marauders, the question of “why is the world like it is?” that inevitably started the initial inquiry still does not have a sufficient answer. What is the tyranny that has been in evidence since the beginning of recorded history and in ancient myth and legend stretching back for thousands of years of human existence?

Naturally, in order to remove the next filter and see more deeply into the problem it is necessary to expand from a global to universal perspective. Some people may find it difficult to imagine what off world cultures (if they exist at all!?) would be doing wasting their time with the Earthlings but that just sounds like stalling to me. If the Earth is a microcosmic reflection of a universal story and if we are not the only sentient beings in the universe then it sounds plausible that Earth could be part of a much bigger picture, encompassing many multitudes of happenings that we are only just becoming open to.

Given that we live on a tiny planet in this gargantuan universe there is probably much more going on that we are not yet privy to making it increasingly pressing to be able to take in bizarre happenings and make sense of them. Most importantly we must know our own minds and be sure of our strength of perception so that we can see through any further attempts to enslave us in this low vibrational state.

It clearly does matter whether you see your enemy to personal sovereignty as ‘human beings with a lust for power’ or ‘something or things as yet unknown’.

Being prepared requires more than string and a pen knife in these wild times – The recovery of the authentic self and the authentic human experience requires that no stone be left unturned and demands an awareness of oneself that transcends past reflection. Knowing your enemy is vital. Knowing also that the remedy is to know thy Self in relation to it.

Catastrophe or Synchronous Unification? November 21, 2012

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They warn that unless we “transition through synchronous unification of our civilizations consciousness” we will most likely be caught up in the resulting chaos.

Check out the latest outcrop of ‘catastrophe’ related news that has been flung into the Inter-net:

Before it’s News: Russian Cosmonaut backed by 50 other scientists crack crop circle code

This crop circle decoding has led Maria Popovich and others to conclude details of seven catastrophes. They warn that unless we “transition through synchronous unification of our civilizations consciousness” we will most likely be caught up in the resulting chaos.

Before we get all frantic rushing around trying to activate our merkabah’s by snorting a load of ormus, let us pause and reflect. If you were a sentient light-being who had been engaged in the task of removing and then reactivating human DNA on Earth for the last let’s say 26,000 years, would it be sufficient at the ‘End Days’ to plant a few symbols in the crops, laced with universal code in the hope that we would somehow work it all out and jump back to life, reactivated with the full powers of our former glory?

I would suggest that the sensible thing to do would be for us to plant something that provides a point of focus that is not fear based. How else can we be expected to make this synchronous unification and rise up together for their must be a light to head to. For those of us who are fully embedded within the crest of the wave of the new humanity there seems to be a huge gulf in our understanding of how we get to where we are going. Many have only relatively recently woken up to the extent of the sickness that has humankind enslaved and we are still rather caught up in that discussion. Erm… sorry, but we appear to have missed the part about activating our merkabah’s synchronously. Could you go over that again please?

The 2012 date will lead you into a frenzy of mental cleansing so let it pull the rug out from under your illusions and leave you standing on solid ground, alert and in tune with your own personal flow, knowing that you will be in the right place at the right time. The point is to get connected to real-life positive focal points that are not engaged in pointless backstabbing at a defunct system. Make contact with others who are most interested in creating the alternative and do it! The only reason the old system still exists is because we acquiesce to it, this doesn’t mean you have to risk Freeman tactics and turn and fight, simply withdraw your energy from it as much as you can and run the other way jumping for joy at the beautiful new horizons that start appearing in your mind’s eye.

Reconnection with Earth is key so remember to provide balance to the dark by imagining or better still, being in a blissful mental and emotional state by connecting with the beauty that is to be found all around you. Hang out with the insects, they know a lot about cosmic intelligence. Talk to the birds and sing to the plants, it won’t be long before you feel a familiar sense of connection.

Whatever bizarre information reaches you from the outside world your reality begins and ends with you so try not to get caught up in other peoples’ stories whether they are a NASA scientist, a well respected channeler or your best bud. Be aware of the sources of your fears for they will be clogging up your mental and emotional body, fogging what is real. Life is an endless voyage of overcoming fears so it makes sense to relish each new discomfort that comes your way, facing each one on the Mountain of Truth or the Cave of Personal Integrity, making light of it and then onto the next one, gathering strength and bounce as you go.

11:11 – Towards Oneness : Beyond Duality November 9, 2012

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Numbers must be one of the most utterly deep symbols in the universe.

The final activation of the 11.11 gateway is occurring on 22/11/2012 – add all the numbers together and you get 11! This mysterious and otherworldly deliverance has been going on since the initial ceremony on 01/11/1992, the grand activation was last year on 11/11/2011 and the 11th and final push will be celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people globally in a couple of weeks.

The excitement stems from an understanding that these dates are encoded, energetic signatures signaling a transformational process occurring deep within our collective conscious experience, marking the gateway from duality to oneness. The 1+1 is linked to the duality of the sun and moon or the expansive and contractive forces of the universe.

Examining the 11 brings up a number of startling clues as to the significance of this number: the 11 year sunspot cycle, the 11.11 universal time ‘end time’ signature of the Mayan prophecy due to pass on 21/12/2012 (another date adding to 11). Sept 11 which is 0+9+1+1 (=11) crops up considerably in articles on this subject. The 1+1 represents the duality of 1 perceiving itself, 11 is binary level 3 –  the number of creation, The Fibonacci curve begins with 1+1. There are 11 Sephirot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, 1+1 + 11 = 13. M-Theory attempts to unite a number of different string theories into one and features 11 dimensions. Even the birth date of Christ has been calculated to satisfy the scrutiny of experts on September 11th, 3BC.

Numbers must be one of the most utterly deep symbols in the universe. In all likelihood it is possible to sum up everything with numbers… 42 being one such attempt in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! Of what importance are 10 fingers and toes? (In a unary numeral system the number 10 would be written as 11). Multiply 1111 x 1111 and you get 1234321. This kind of thing begs the question – do we really understand numbers at all?

Whatever the significance is, you decide. Consider these global activation gatherings as a celebration of the Grand Re-union and continue on your way. Pausing to reflect upon the many mysteries of life as you know it and contemplate another existence devoid of secrecy, fear and greed. There might well be somewhere to get to apart from the supermarket or a friend’s birthday party. Perhaps we are looking forward to a global birthing party, occurring at different levels of understanding within the great story of this time. So much mystery surrounds these ‘end times’ that the only thing to do is make your own mind up and I don’t think it’s as complicated as it seems. Plus, the feeling of  massive global celebration is a great one to conjure up!

Further research:

Portal 2012

Tracking Souls to the Afterlife November 4, 2012

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Whilst we are on the subject of dramatic shifts in our scientific understanding of conscious awareness (see previous blog on The Secrets of Water) let’s examine the latest findings from Dr Stuart Hameroff – Director of the Centre of Consciousness studies at the University of Arizona – a specialist in quantum theories of consciousness. His most recent findings bring to light significant evidence of the existence of the soul through his research into brain activity and near death experience.

An article about Hameroff’s findings appeared in the Daily Mail of all places who typically branded the research as quasi-religious to appease all those sleepy non-believers out there. This is exactly the kind of content that will turn the heads of these staunch defeatists who live their lives in an aloof stasis of ignorance, too dumbed down to dare twitch the net curtains of illusion. Take a closer look for yourselves in this excellent video that shows evidence of microtubules in the brain that carry energy (which Hameroff’s team are calling the soul) outside the body during death, adding some long awaited clarity through objective measurement to countless recorded NDE experiences.

Water – The Great Mystery November 4, 2012

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ImageParadigm Shift TV recommend the Russian documentary Water – The Great Mystery for a neat and comprehensive analysis of the hitherto unexplained mysteries of that essential element – water. Interestingly, the first edit was removed from Youtube so this is a clear remark from those that seek to pull the wool over our eyes that the content is positively charged. This video is also reviewed on Spirit Science.

Be inspired to take control of your intentions and direct them with your full awareness. This video develops considerably upon the discoveries of Masaro Emoto – demonstrating the potency of water and our ability to affect its structure through thought, word, sound or visualization. As much of our surrounding environment and physical bodies are made of water this research aims towards a scientific understanding of the logic behind longstanding rituals from all cultures around the world involving prayer or intent.

Unlocking the mysteries of water is a key to our spiritual growth. It doesn’t matter how we approach this, the most important thing is to purify the mind and cleanse the soul through an unwavering desire to emit authentic loving vibrations in every thought, word and deed. Seek to flip your negative or fear based assumptions and watch as the world around you changes. This video shows clearly that ALL is conscious and our thoughts are extremely potent energies so try to love your surroundings, especially when they feel uncomfortable but most of all, be Aware!