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Dr Rock’s Radio show February 10, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Media, PSTV Recommends.
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PSTV recommend Dr Rock’s radio show podcasts. Live shows go out every Thursday but you can download podcasts from past weeks shows here:


Recent highlights include:

Killer Bunny attacks banks
Thursday January 31, 2013
A live Skype chat with Simon Spaniard of White Rabbit Education regarding his extensive challenge of the entire financial system, and his impending criminal prosecution of a bank for fraud and theft of negotiable instruments. Also, consideration of a recent decision by the Ministry of Justice to scrap the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Panel a mere four years after its inception.

Cannabis Club
Thursday January 24, 2013
Cannabis has been associated with human settlements since the Old Stone Age. Nowadays even to be in the presence of the plant is deemed to be a criminal offence. In this pod Dr Rock talks with Ian of the Gwynedd Cannabis Club.What is a cannabis club? Why is cannabis illegal and what harm does it cause? Does prohibition work and, were it not for prohibition, might humanity find uses for what appears to be a highly versatile plant and medicine? How does a massive underground market survive whilst remaining illegal?

Should we talk to the police? And why won’t people listen?
Thursday January 17, 2013
Dr Rock plays and comments on Professor Duane’s presentation on Youtube, Don’t Talk to the Police Under Any Circumstances. Professor Duane, a former criminal defence attorney, delivers a detailed and entertaining presentation on our right to remain silent. Afterwards, Officer Brooks, a police officer of 28 years experience, describes what techniques might be used should individuals consent to converse.Also, why don’t the fast asleople believe a word the new media says? In an extract from 911: Explosive Evidence, psychologists talk of the shattering effects that arise when cherished truths are challenged.



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