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Save Our Station June 2, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Communications, PSTV related.
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For the past 4 years, we have been committed to bring a flow of conscious programming to the mainstream masses, to both inform and empower people towards positive awareness and change.

Even if you don’t watch or have access to Sky TV there are many other people who are not even slightly aware of the alternative perspective. Also, many people do not trust the information that they see from the internet. This is why it is important for us to reach out through the existing television networks, to offer a balance to the often biased mainstream view.

We have worked hard at bringing together a large group of talented documentary filmmakers, producers and musicians as part of our efforts to produce a variety of programming.

To everyone we have offered our airtime completely for free so as to ensure that film making enthusiasts have a viable option to get their material aired, without financial constraints.

And now we need you to help us to continue to transmit the message of positive awakening to more people, so that we can all benefit from the paradigm shift in consciousness more easily and to a greater effect.

3000 people £1 a month

CLICK HERE TO JOIN – (Direct Debit-monthly payment of £1)

CLICK HERE TO JOIN – (Direct Debit-yearly payment of £12)

(No card necessary for more information see go-cardless)

To Join using Paypal Click Here

Download a flyer to help spread the word here: Donation Flyer (right click and save as)

Become one of the 3000 people who will pay £1 a month to:

  • Support the Alternative Media

  • Support talented Independent filmmakers

  • Support the production of alternative news shows

  • Help bring information to bear in the mainstream consciousness

If you would like to help us spread this message to as many people as possible then please use this QR code or this banner link for your site or invite someone to join click here.

Thank you for your support!


Catch up with the real news on Saturdays April 14, 2013

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Set your box to record x3 hours of current affairs each Saturday evening on Showcase 191 from 7pm.

Not forgetting the Saturday morning 10am Alex Jones show on Showcase 192!

07:00 pm – The Corbett Report

08:00 pm – UK Column News

09:00 pm – Deek Jackson’s FKN Newz

This triple bill will keep you up-to-date with the latest independent analysis of the news from three of the most established and credible sources of new mainstream reportage.

The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source monitoring and reporting the latest emerging stories from blogs and international news. The weekly material includes New World Next Week, presented by James Corbett and James Evan Pilato of the Media Monarchy.

The UK Column is brought to you through Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson, with a distinct focus on the behaviours of local and central government, finance and business in the UK.

Deek Jackson brings his uniquely high vibrations to the news desk with a satirical barrage of commentary on current news and ‘the way things are’ through music and other spoken (or shouted) words.

PSTV Update – Get your content on our channel! March 17, 2013

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Here’s the latest update from Paradigm Shift TV – Beyond the mainstream, PSTV are now broadcasting 17 hours of r/evolutionary documentaries, news, comedy and music shows every week on Sky Showcase 191+192.

Check our schedule either online or subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly round up of what’s on. Newsletter subscribers are now entitled to 5% off on our entire DVD collection.

PSTV offers a platform for TV, film and documentary material that pushes the frontiers of broadcast media. We are committed to increasing awareness of the many and various shifts in paradigm taking place and welcome your enlightened media productions for consideration of new content on our channel. The platform for screening is completely FREE to content providers plus we can sell your DVDs in our online shop!

We really appreciate your feedback on our current range of broadcast material and welcome your ideas and suggestions for new content. PSTV wants to respond to the interests of its viewers and supporters as much as possible, and this is your chance to truly influence our content of the future (email holly@paradigmshift.tv with your thoughts).

Are you currently involved in a project or business with a market that will appeal to others with alternative views? Our rates are very competitive and you could find yourself attracting an entirely new audience. Bespoke advertising packages are available. Email us today with your ideas and we will endeavour to match your requirements: holly@paradigmshift.tv

We are dependent on your continued support. Thank you to all those who have already contributed to the growth of our channel but we need more of you to help us to expand into the broadcasting collective and ‘new mainstream’ that we are aiming to be. We appreciate donations of any size so please find out how you can directly support a shift towards a new community led media here: http://www.paradigmshift.tv/pstv/default/support

PSTV Returns to Showcase 192 :) March 4, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in PSTV related.

Many of you will have noticed some sudden changes to our usual schedule and a loss of airtime over the past few months. We apologise, this has been due to an increased demand for Information TV channels from other providers and the subsequent competition in price.

We have had to rapidly streamline its operations to account for this and as a result we were forced to cut airtime from 33 to 11 hours. We are now back to 17 hours with the return of Alex Jones to 192 on Sundays at 10am, with plans to increase this to 23 hours over Showcase 191 and 192 in April. By May we should be on track to launch our very own show!

We hope we still have your viewership despite these minor setbacks, you can expect much more to follow in the PSTV pipelines.

PSTV would not exist without ongoing support from donations. Click here to find out how.

To support the filmmakers visit our online shop.

To find out about advertising on Sky Showcase 191+192, drop me an email to holly@paradigmshift.tv.

Newsletter DVD offer February 10, 2013

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One can never rely on things being the same these days. Who knows when your favourite documentary will be shown on PSTV for you to introduce your friends to the wonders of paradigms shifting. . . maybe even live TV channels will become a thing of the past, what then? We strongly encourage anyone interested in pushing the boundaries come what may to host film screenings and get recorded copies of the films you have found most illuminating in your journey into the fringes of reality. Er.. and don’t forget the back-up power system and Faraday cage for your electronic gear in case of an electromagnetic incident. Find out about making fuel for your generator from waste plastic here.

To keep up-to-date with the latest PSTV blog news and weekly TV schedule, sign up to the PSTV newsletter. Registered users get 5% off our wide selection of DVDs from our ever growing selection. Our top sellers are:

The True History of Marijuana: Digs deep to expose a world-wide conspiracy, led by the petrolchemical industry, that has outlawed one of the most useful plants known to mankind. Link – http://shop.pstv.tv/content/true-history-marijuana
The New American Century: Presents all the historical, philosophical, economical and political facts that support the theory of the 9/11 terrorist attacks being an ‘inside job’. Link – http://shop.pstv.tv/content/new-american-century
The Living Matrix: Transform your belief of how to get well and stay well. Link – http://shop.pstv.tv/content/living-matrix

Click here to get to the sign up page
Click here to browse the back issues

With Love to you all xx