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Save Our Station

3000 people £1 a month

Click here to goto our subscription page

PSTV is Now broadcasting on SMART TV across the whole of Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand!

Download a flyer to help spread the word here: Donation Flyer (right click and save as)

Promote the ‘Save Our Station’ appeal on your website click here.

For the past 4 years, we have been committed to bring a flow of conscious programming to the mainstream masses, to both inform and empower people towards positive awareness and change.

We have worked hard at bringing together a large group of talented documentary filmmakers, producers and musicians as part of our efforts to produce a variety of programming.

To everyone we have offered our airtime completely for free so as to ensure that film making enthusiasts have a viable option to get their material aired, without financial constraints.

And now we need you to help us to continue to transmit the message of positive awakening to more people, so that we can all benefit from the paradigm shift in consciousness more easily and to a greater effect.

So become one of the 3000 people who will pay £1 a month to:

If you would like to help us spread this message to as many people as possible then please use this banner link for your site.

Thank you for your support!



1. onitpaul1 - May 31, 2013

Being on benefit I cannot afford to make payment myself because even if it is one pound and my account is empty as it is often then I would be charged twenty pounds by my bank but I will do as much as I can to promote Your cause.
Yours faithfully
Ps I really appreciate Your channel via freesat.

Holly Rose Wood - May 31, 2013

Thanks! if you can forward of post on any forums that you are a part off that really helps

2. Holly Rose Wood - May 31, 2013

Thanks to Dave Tech for the big up on the Spytech forum. This is the kind of support we need. 🙂

3. neil - June 1, 2013
4. Philomena - June 16, 2013

I So appreciate the work you guys are doing .. would like to donate more via a monthly DD … How do i do that ?

Holly Rose Wood - October 10, 2013

We have managed to update our subscription service, please visite http://paradigmshift.tv/register-2/. Thanks

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