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Recycle waste plastics into fuel in your own backyard February 3, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Energy, Technology, Transport.
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After watching Matt Stern’s interview on Project Camelot (see The End of ‘The Grid’ as we know it) I am reassured to discover how easy it seems to be to recycle virtually any old plastic waste* into fuel to run a multitude of engines. We got in touch with some of PSTV’s engineering friends who have recently been playing at turning waste plastics into fuel and although it’s early days they are having a good deal of success. If you are at all concerned about how you will manage if/when the energy grid goes down then this will interest you greatly.

We have been browsing the tube for some starting points but there is lots more to look at when designing your prototype:

Some background and an industrial waste processing plant – Ventana Cleantech : Converting Waste Plastics to Petroleum Fuels

A more rudimentary approach

This shows the concept working at its most basic

*Except PVC. Due to the added chlorine in the plastic which does not condense into fuel and is released as a harmful vapour.



1. Newsletter DVD offer « paradigmshifttv - February 10, 2013

[…] One can never rely on things being the same these days. Who knows when your favourite documentary will be shown on PSTV for you to introduce your friends to the wonders of paradigms shifting. . . maybe even live TV channels will become a thing of the past, what then? We strongly encourage anyone interested in pushing the boundaries come what may to host film screenings and get recorded copies of the films you have found most illuminating in your journey into the fringes of reality. Er.. and don’t forget the back-up power system and Faraday cage for your electronic gear in case of an electromagnetic incident. Find out about making fuel for your generator from waste plastic here. […]

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