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Paul Hellyer on UFOs and the Cabal at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure May 12, 2013

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Canada’s former Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer gives an illuminating presentation at the recent UFO Disclosure event in Washington DC:


The Art of Catching Government False Flags in Real Time April 28, 2013

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I believe that this war is possibly spiritual and it (this battle of consciousness) defines who we are as a whole and will determine where humanity is headed.

Source: Activist Post

With the topic of government false-flag operations being discussed throughout the country with the recent slow but progressive mass awakening to such events occurring in America it seems like good timing to ruminate on the issue and discuss just how the average person can develop the skills required to skillfully predict and catch government false-flag attacks in real-time and awaken others around you to these events and the political motives behind them.

I use the word ‘art’ because I believe being right about such high-level events deserves attention for the cognitive and intellectual skills required and the ‘delivery of truth’ skills required to share these truths with receptive (intellectually honest) members of society. Truth is always vindicated and victory goes to the opponent that is willing to deal with ALL the facts openly and transparently, as truth seekers in the information war have done for a very long time in America. The establishment government, however,  always plays the same hand with these events. Today these longstanding similarities that follow false-flag operations have naturally rendered some clear patterns to recognize for those of us seeking truth.

Read the full article: http://www.activistpost.com/2013/04/the-art-of-catching-government-false.html#more


Our Place in the Sun March 4, 2013

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“Astronauts who have seen the Earth from space have often described the ‘overview effect’ as an experience that has transformed their perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it, and enabled them to perceive it as our shared home, without boundaries between nations or species.”

PSTV recommends:
The Overview Effect – Planetary Collective

This short film encapsulates the moment of realisation, shared by many astronauts who are able to reflect on the singularity of Earth and their part in the development of its story. Many who have reported this kind of experience liken it to a Nirvana state but, instead of reaching out of the body and into a larger conscious awareness through states of meditation, they remain in their body and are able to see Planet Earth as a singular entity – out there, in the blackness of space.

As I watched, I reflected on recent thoughts about the cultivation of a sovereign mindset that is rippling around out there in the human realm and relating this to the sovereignty of a conscious planetary being, also presumably aware in a holistic capacity of its role in the ‘bigger picture’ and a willing host to all this mayhem.

Whilst it is so safe and ‘normal’ to feel that we are in our bodies and attached to our ego interpretation of self there is that ever more prescient desire for an experience that is not so attached to that limiting perspective. I found myself remembering the first time I looked at the moon through a telescope and, on seeing the ball bristling with craters instead of the flat illuminated disk, I felt my consciousness warp as I realized and felt for the first time in my life that I was standing on a planet flying through space.

It is this kind of experience that I am searching for – something that gives me an entirely new perspective on my reality and life here on Earth, standing on fresh ground, fertile with ideas and outside the limitations of the current world view. Most importantly, I want to share that new experience with others, increasing our reality bubble ten thousand fold until we burst into a new era.

This wave of personal sovereignty in all its potential is building through numerous movements towards freedom that offer mechanisms to disengage with The System. Many of these methods encourage engaging in a new relationship with our public infrastructure from a perspective that knows that something is deeply wrong with the way The System operates (i.e. benefiting a few rather than many). Born from a desire to make sense of the world in which they find themselves, millions of people everywhere must be looking for a way out.

Here are a few examples of groups who are helping others to jump ship:

The Peoples Public Trust (PPT)
See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKgdAX_hqV8 for more.

One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT)
Or here: http://wakeup-world.com/2013/02/18/all-corporations-banks-and-governments-lawfully-foreclosed-by-oppt/

The Universal Community Trust (UCT)
More here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSoA8qQW2uQ

(Our UK based PPT has recently been met with a US based group using almost the same name – the OPPT. This interesting development will hopefully not engender too much conflict or confusion… suffice to say, the UK’s PPT came first!)

Each group offers various ways to extricate oneself from the state machine and all are worth researching for their different merits. Inevitably however, the onus will be on each individual making life choices for him/herself that can facilitate the movement from one reality to another. There is a need for us to move together and be visible and audible in our decisions, moving steadily and with determination, finding The Others who will make the journey smoother but ultimately real change comes from within us all on an individual level.

This gradual transformation takes me back to the changing body of planet Earth and its natural cycles of growth and decay. Consider, perhaps that a conscious entity in its own right has made itself available for this breakthrough of conscious experience and is engaging with us in the journey. Our own bodies and our inner worlds are tied to this expansion, we have asked for this experience and we will either decide to change and adapt with the flow or stay embedded in the lesson, still searching for something…

For more muse-ment on planetary consciousness and the human condition watch:
A Place in the Sun – Heathcote Williams

‘Religious leaders’ ‘step down’ February 25, 2013

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Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Britain’s highest-ranking Catholic leader, said Monday he wouldn’t take part in the conclave to elect the next pope after being accused of improper conduct with priests – an unprecedented first head to roll in the mudslinging that has followed Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign.

Source: National Post

Benedict accepted O’Brien’s resignation as archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh – submitted back in November because he is due to turn 75 next month, the normal retirement age for bishops. But simultaneously, O’Brien issued a statement Monday saying he would also skip the conclave because he didn’t want to become the focus of media attention at such a delicate time for the church.

O’Brien has said through his spokesman that he is contesting allegations made Sunday in a British newspaper that three priests and a former priest have filed complaints to the Vatican alleging that the cardinal acted inappropriately with them. The Observer newspaper did not name the priests, but it said their allegations date back to the 1980s. There were no details about the alleged inappropriate behavior.

Read the full story here 

Related news:

Lightening strikes St Peter’s Basilica as Pope resigns

Roman Catholic law amended

Vatican dismisses reports linking pope’s resignation to gay conclave discovery


Royal Babylon: A look at the criminal minds who believe they have the divine right to rule over humanity

Kickstarter appeal: Time of the Sixth Sun January 22, 2013

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In support of this timely film and the statement pertaining to our transition. Not forgetting the gruesome mess we find ourselves in of course, we still have much dreaming and creating to do individually and collectively before we find ourselves in the reality of being truly united…

To find out more and to support the project click here


Time of the Sixth Sun is an epic docu-drama about the awakening and transformation of global consciousness, a witnessing of these times and the huge potential we have for change in the world, in the way we relate to it and in the way we live in it.

Introduced by actress Greta Scacchi and guided by our storyteller Tobias, who speaks to us on behalf of the collective from across time and space, we hear the transmissions of our world’s wisdom keepers. The film explores our awakening process from the point of seeding this planet through to humanity’s ascension as we move into a more evolved state of being and ascend to a higher level of collective consciousness. The film follows our ‘everyman’ protagonist, a travelling troubadour on his journey of awakening, as he symbolically and metaphorically reflects our journey back to us. This is a story about a journey to the heart as our collective experience becomes one of unity rather than separation.

FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/TimeoftheSixthSuntheMOVIE

Know thy Enemy Know thy Self January 6, 2013

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Blog response to The Third Force

I was pleased and surprised to see that the previous article had made it to the top of the most read articles on Veterans Today. It is a subject that has struck me as one of the most important to integrate yet one of the most difficult to discuss.

The alien agenda brings with it a multitude of questions and a confusion of answers that may leave even the most open-minded scrutineers in a fearful quandary. When attempting to uncover the root of the global problem it is quite a leap to navigate from scapegoating a few powerful families and their forefathers to this third force – an alien race with a penchant for global domination who must create a mindless and subservient population in order to perpetuate their reign.

Or maybe it’s not so big a leap. Perhaps more like a natural progression because even when the Rothschilds and their cold blooded family and friends become clear suspects as the controlling marauders, the question of “why is the world like it is?” that inevitably started the initial inquiry still does not have a sufficient answer. What is the tyranny that has been in evidence since the beginning of recorded history and in ancient myth and legend stretching back for thousands of years of human existence?

Naturally, in order to remove the next filter and see more deeply into the problem it is necessary to expand from a global to universal perspective. Some people may find it difficult to imagine what off world cultures (if they exist at all!?) would be doing wasting their time with the Earthlings but that just sounds like stalling to me. If the Earth is a microcosmic reflection of a universal story and if we are not the only sentient beings in the universe then it sounds plausible that Earth could be part of a much bigger picture, encompassing many multitudes of happenings that we are only just becoming open to.

Given that we live on a tiny planet in this gargantuan universe there is probably much more going on that we are not yet privy to making it increasingly pressing to be able to take in bizarre happenings and make sense of them. Most importantly we must know our own minds and be sure of our strength of perception so that we can see through any further attempts to enslave us in this low vibrational state.

It clearly does matter whether you see your enemy to personal sovereignty as ‘human beings with a lust for power’ or ‘something or things as yet unknown’.

Being prepared requires more than string and a pen knife in these wild times – The recovery of the authentic self and the authentic human experience requires that no stone be left unturned and demands an awareness of oneself that transcends past reflection. Knowing your enemy is vital. Knowing also that the remedy is to know thy Self in relation to it.

Up your Ages and Balls to War December 29, 2012

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I hope you all made it beyond the veil of winter solstice 2012 and are now enjoying your life in full colour 5D definition? If you haven’t quite managed to pull yourself through from the sleepy Christmas time warp then don’t worry, a good dose of something sparkly and a brief foray into some of the material suggested below should put you straight in time for 2013.

Are your mates giving you a hard time about your crazy ‘End World’ prophecy? Do you need to brush up on some 2012 trivia? If so PSTV recommend:

2012: Mayan Prophecy & the Shift of the Ages
Written by Geoff Stray & Philip Coppens

First released in 2009 this video revisits some interesting topics such as the fabled return of 9 Gods of the underworld and conceptual frameworks regarding the evolution of the mind and the nature of time. Not to be missed is the clear message of 2012 being a mid-point at the crux of novelty in the universe and therefore an indicator of new beginnings… so you can take off those lead helmets now.

At the eve of this old ‘Gregorian time’ year and in anticipation of a new one PSTV would like to say, simply – “Balls to War” and bring you the latest video from Heathcote Williams – Classic dry and incisive comedy for all those seriously amused open minds out there. Great to share with friends and family and not to be missed:

Balls to War: a Sports Report from 1170 A.D. to the Present
Written by Heathcote Williams
Narration and montage by Alan Cox

Have fun!

Catastrophe or Synchronous Unification? November 21, 2012

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They warn that unless we “transition through synchronous unification of our civilizations consciousness” we will most likely be caught up in the resulting chaos.

Check out the latest outcrop of ‘catastrophe’ related news that has been flung into the Inter-net:

Before it’s News: Russian Cosmonaut backed by 50 other scientists crack crop circle code

This crop circle decoding has led Maria Popovich and others to conclude details of seven catastrophes. They warn that unless we “transition through synchronous unification of our civilizations consciousness” we will most likely be caught up in the resulting chaos.

Before we get all frantic rushing around trying to activate our merkabah’s by snorting a load of ormus, let us pause and reflect. If you were a sentient light-being who had been engaged in the task of removing and then reactivating human DNA on Earth for the last let’s say 26,000 years, would it be sufficient at the ‘End Days’ to plant a few symbols in the crops, laced with universal code in the hope that we would somehow work it all out and jump back to life, reactivated with the full powers of our former glory?

I would suggest that the sensible thing to do would be for us to plant something that provides a point of focus that is not fear based. How else can we be expected to make this synchronous unification and rise up together for their must be a light to head to. For those of us who are fully embedded within the crest of the wave of the new humanity there seems to be a huge gulf in our understanding of how we get to where we are going. Many have only relatively recently woken up to the extent of the sickness that has humankind enslaved and we are still rather caught up in that discussion. Erm… sorry, but we appear to have missed the part about activating our merkabah’s synchronously. Could you go over that again please?

The 2012 date will lead you into a frenzy of mental cleansing so let it pull the rug out from under your illusions and leave you standing on solid ground, alert and in tune with your own personal flow, knowing that you will be in the right place at the right time. The point is to get connected to real-life positive focal points that are not engaged in pointless backstabbing at a defunct system. Make contact with others who are most interested in creating the alternative and do it! The only reason the old system still exists is because we acquiesce to it, this doesn’t mean you have to risk Freeman tactics and turn and fight, simply withdraw your energy from it as much as you can and run the other way jumping for joy at the beautiful new horizons that start appearing in your mind’s eye.

Reconnection with Earth is key so remember to provide balance to the dark by imagining or better still, being in a blissful mental and emotional state by connecting with the beauty that is to be found all around you. Hang out with the insects, they know a lot about cosmic intelligence. Talk to the birds and sing to the plants, it won’t be long before you feel a familiar sense of connection.

Whatever bizarre information reaches you from the outside world your reality begins and ends with you so try not to get caught up in other peoples’ stories whether they are a NASA scientist, a well respected channeler or your best bud. Be aware of the sources of your fears for they will be clogging up your mental and emotional body, fogging what is real. Life is an endless voyage of overcoming fears so it makes sense to relish each new discomfort that comes your way, facing each one on the Mountain of Truth or the Cave of Personal Integrity, making light of it and then onto the next one, gathering strength and bounce as you go.

Healing History – Event at Bodenham Manor, Hereford November 12, 2012

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Celebrate the past, inform the present, embrace the future…

Come to Bodenham Manor for a weekend of enlightening talks on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November facilitated by Ben Aur (formerly known as Nick Marchmont) and his delightful comrade Jessie Ybryn.

Link to the Poster here
Or Ben’s website here

Full details below:

Saturday 24th November, 10.00 am
Ceremony, Healing and The End of A World Age
Ancient races, polar shift and reconnection to the heart of all.

Saturday 24th November, 2.30 pm
An Introduction to Sacred Geometry
An illustrated introduction to the principles of growth and form.

Sunday 25th November, 10.00am for 10.30 until 5.00pm
Ceremony of Original Innocence
The reconnection of human biocircuitry through coded ceremony.
The Ceremony of Original Innocence is simply a beautiful way to a new beginning, just as the first of many drops of rain began the oceans. It reconnects 12 circuits of electromagnetic energy into the human biosystem, permanently. This revitalises our links with the elemental world.

Ceremony is a seed – Plant it!

Bodenham Manor, Bodenham, Herefordshire, HR1 3JS
For voluntary donations
For further information visit http://www.healinghistory.dr-rock.biz/index
Or contact Ben (pka Nick M) on 07779 413478 or nickm@dr-rock.biz