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The Art of Catching Government False Flags in Real Time April 28, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Governance, Media, Spirituality.
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I believe that this war is possibly spiritual and it (this battle of consciousness) defines who we are as a whole and will determine where humanity is headed.

Source: Activist Post

With the topic of government false-flag operations being discussed throughout the country with the recent slow but progressive mass awakening to such events occurring in America it seems like good timing to ruminate on the issue and discuss just how the average person can develop the skills required to skillfully predict and catch government false-flag attacks in real-time and awaken others around you to these events and the political motives behind them.

I use the word ‘art’ because I believe being right about such high-level events deserves attention for the cognitive and intellectual skills required and the ‘delivery of truth’ skills required to share these truths with receptive (intellectually honest) members of society. Truth is always vindicated and victory goes to the opponent that is willing to deal with ALL the facts openly and transparently, as truth seekers in the information war have done for a very long time in America. The establishment government, however,  always plays the same hand with these events. Today these longstanding similarities that follow false-flag operations have naturally rendered some clear patterns to recognize for those of us seeking truth.

Read the full article: http://www.activistpost.com/2013/04/the-art-of-catching-government-false.html#more



Terrorist Bombs or Inside Job? April 22, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Governance.
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A couple of posts and subsequent links from Paul Short give some worthwhile and in-depth analysis of the Boston Incident:

Here are some Boston Bombing articles where the writer gets straight to the point of what is really going on as he exposes the clusterf**k for what it is.

That’s all I really have to say about it here, but I’ll leave you with an interesting screenshot of a Google maps streetview done while I virtually stood on the Boston Marathon finish line. This just about says it all, doesn’t it?

Source: Paul Short

Read more here:

9/11 and Truth Videos:

Catch up with the real news on Saturdays April 14, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Media, PSTV related.
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Set your box to record x3 hours of current affairs each Saturday evening on Showcase 191 from 7pm.

Not forgetting the Saturday morning 10am Alex Jones show on Showcase 192!

07:00 pm – The Corbett Report

08:00 pm – UK Column News

09:00 pm – Deek Jackson’s FKN Newz

This triple bill will keep you up-to-date with the latest independent analysis of the news from three of the most established and credible sources of new mainstream reportage.

The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source monitoring and reporting the latest emerging stories from blogs and international news. The weekly material includes New World Next Week, presented by James Corbett and James Evan Pilato of the Media Monarchy.

The UK Column is brought to you through Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson, with a distinct focus on the behaviours of local and central government, finance and business in the UK.

Deek Jackson brings his uniquely high vibrations to the news desk with a satirical barrage of commentary on current news and ‘the way things are’ through music and other spoken (or shouted) words.

CIA: Cancer Experiments with Presidents of Latin America March 31, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Fact or Fiction?, Governance, Health.
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What makes the US top rulers sanction the CIA activities aimed at “neutralization” … of presidents – populists?

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation
Author: Nil NIKANDROV | 11.01.2012

In a series of his public speeches Hugo Chaves called an “epidemic” of cancer among Latin American presidents a strange and alarming phenomenon. This hard to cure disease was identified in case of Chavez himself, Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo, Dilma Rouseff and Lula da Silva (Brazil), Crisitina Fernandez (Argentina). All of them are known as left of center politicians struggling to expedite Latin America’s integration process and to get rid of the US dominance in the Western Hemisphere. Chavez let drop words about empires that go to any length to achieve their goals.

The Washington’s response didn’t keep waiting. Victoria Nuland, US State Department official spokesperson, said the Chavez’ words were “horrific and reprehensible.” That is they were perceived by the Obama administration as imputation of using special biological technologies to cause cancer among Latin American leaders not friendly towards the USA… Read more

Further reading
CNN – Scientists will study possible Chaves poisoning
Discovery News – Was Hugo Chaves Murdered?

Who is Pope Francis I? March 31, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Governance.
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In supporting Argentina’s “Dirty War”, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has blatantly violated the very tenets of Christian morality which cherish  the value of human life.  Author’s message to Pope Francis: “Thou shalt not kill”

Source: Global Research

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
March 16, 2013

Excerpt: Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio? 

In 1973, he had been appointed “Provincial” of Argentina for the Society of Jesus.

In this capacity, Bergoglio was the highest ranking Jesuit in Argentina during the military dictatorship led by General Jorge Videla (1976-1983).

He later became bishop and archbishop of Buenos Aires. Pope John Paul II elevated him to the title of cardinal in 2001

When the military junta relinquished power in 1983, the duly elected president Raúl Alfonsín set up a Truth Commission pertaining to the crimes underlying the “Dirty War” (La Guerra Sucia).

The military junta had been supported covertly by Washington.

US. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger played a behind the scenes role in the 1976 military coup…. Read more

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The Guardian – Pope Francis: Questions remain over his role during Argentina’s Dictatorship
Vatican Insider – “Francis set a bad example by washing the feet of two women”

PSTV Update – Get your content on our channel! March 17, 2013

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Here’s the latest update from Paradigm Shift TV – Beyond the mainstream, PSTV are now broadcasting 17 hours of r/evolutionary documentaries, news, comedy and music shows every week on Sky Showcase 191+192.

Check our schedule either online or subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly round up of what’s on. Newsletter subscribers are now entitled to 5% off on our entire DVD collection.

PSTV offers a platform for TV, film and documentary material that pushes the frontiers of broadcast media. We are committed to increasing awareness of the many and various shifts in paradigm taking place and welcome your enlightened media productions for consideration of new content on our channel. The platform for screening is completely FREE to content providers plus we can sell your DVDs in our online shop!

We really appreciate your feedback on our current range of broadcast material and welcome your ideas and suggestions for new content. PSTV wants to respond to the interests of its viewers and supporters as much as possible, and this is your chance to truly influence our content of the future (email holly@paradigmshift.tv with your thoughts).

Are you currently involved in a project or business with a market that will appeal to others with alternative views? Our rates are very competitive and you could find yourself attracting an entirely new audience. Bespoke advertising packages are available. Email us today with your ideas and we will endeavour to match your requirements: holly@paradigmshift.tv

We are dependent on your continued support. Thank you to all those who have already contributed to the growth of our channel but we need more of you to help us to expand into the broadcasting collective and ‘new mainstream’ that we are aiming to be. We appreciate donations of any size so please find out how you can directly support a shift towards a new community led media here: http://www.paradigmshift.tv/pstv/default/support

The Psycho-ology of the Elite March 10, 2013

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“Grinning and giving a thumbs-up, Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric poses with his friend, disgraced paedophile Jimmy Savile.” Source – The Mirror

This image in The Mirror of Jimmy Saville and Cardinal Keith O’Brian in a caravan with two young girls exposes further the depth of the depravity of some of our most respected and high-ranking players in The Power Game that we are all party to.

Sexual abuse in all its forms strikes at the heart of our collective subconscious, shutting down trust and spreading a sickly horror into the belly of the world. This sickness that we are only just becoming collectively aware of is now being rapidly exposed and is coming into the light in a multitude of ways.

The short video Everybody Knows – shows Jimmy Saville’s connections with the rich and famous and highlights how easy it has been until now to protect the secret lives of those who are Game On in the arena of exploitation.

This week’s UK Column article focuses on the sharp rise of child suicide in the UK that has risen as steeply as 1200% in some areas. Brian Gerrish speaks to Tim Rogers about the psychological attack on our children, and the effect that this is having on their minds. Focussing mainly on the activities available to the younger generation in South Wales, Tim draws many correlations between dark subject matter in schoolbooks, local theatre, Internet chat rooms and community activities and the sordid behaviours of the masonic elite.  The interview explores how the expression of such behaviours, whether they are leaking out of our collective subconscious or being deliberately placed, has the effect of embedding this behaviour further into our social fabric. It is no wonder, with such confusing and dark imagery out there, that children being born to this world are receiving a frightening depiction of reality and deciding to take their own lives.

While the shame and humiliation will directly impact upon some perpetrators of such crimes, the healing that is required for us to collectively unravel this energetic assault could take decades. There can be no one alive who has not been affected by some form of abuse of personal power. It is an illness that is by most unseen but never the less felt and requires some deep inner work to restore our faith in ourselves, each other and the world at large.

To be aware of the existence of such behaviour is the first step on the path of healing and can dismantle further attempts to assault our consciousness. From there, we must examine our personal behaviours for evidence of the desire to have power over another and, if we truly seek to rid ourselves of this illness, find ways to forgive ourselves so that we can look upon it with the wisdom and objectivity that this subject requires.

Further reading: ‘Religious leaders’ ‘step down’

PSTV Returns to Showcase 192 :) March 4, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in PSTV related.

Many of you will have noticed some sudden changes to our usual schedule and a loss of airtime over the past few months. We apologise, this has been due to an increased demand for Information TV channels from other providers and the subsequent competition in price.

We have had to rapidly streamline its operations to account for this and as a result we were forced to cut airtime from 33 to 11 hours. We are now back to 17 hours with the return of Alex Jones to 192 on Sundays at 10am, with plans to increase this to 23 hours over Showcase 191 and 192 in April. By May we should be on track to launch our very own show!

We hope we still have your viewership despite these minor setbacks, you can expect much more to follow in the PSTV pipelines.

PSTV would not exist without ongoing support from donations. Click here to find out how.

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To find out about advertising on Sky Showcase 191+192, drop me an email to holly@paradigmshift.tv.

Our Place in the Sun March 4, 2013

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“Astronauts who have seen the Earth from space have often described the ‘overview effect’ as an experience that has transformed their perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it, and enabled them to perceive it as our shared home, without boundaries between nations or species.”

PSTV recommends:
The Overview Effect – Planetary Collective

This short film encapsulates the moment of realisation, shared by many astronauts who are able to reflect on the singularity of Earth and their part in the development of its story. Many who have reported this kind of experience liken it to a Nirvana state but, instead of reaching out of the body and into a larger conscious awareness through states of meditation, they remain in their body and are able to see Planet Earth as a singular entity – out there, in the blackness of space.

As I watched, I reflected on recent thoughts about the cultivation of a sovereign mindset that is rippling around out there in the human realm and relating this to the sovereignty of a conscious planetary being, also presumably aware in a holistic capacity of its role in the ‘bigger picture’ and a willing host to all this mayhem.

Whilst it is so safe and ‘normal’ to feel that we are in our bodies and attached to our ego interpretation of self there is that ever more prescient desire for an experience that is not so attached to that limiting perspective. I found myself remembering the first time I looked at the moon through a telescope and, on seeing the ball bristling with craters instead of the flat illuminated disk, I felt my consciousness warp as I realized and felt for the first time in my life that I was standing on a planet flying through space.

It is this kind of experience that I am searching for – something that gives me an entirely new perspective on my reality and life here on Earth, standing on fresh ground, fertile with ideas and outside the limitations of the current world view. Most importantly, I want to share that new experience with others, increasing our reality bubble ten thousand fold until we burst into a new era.

This wave of personal sovereignty in all its potential is building through numerous movements towards freedom that offer mechanisms to disengage with The System. Many of these methods encourage engaging in a new relationship with our public infrastructure from a perspective that knows that something is deeply wrong with the way The System operates (i.e. benefiting a few rather than many). Born from a desire to make sense of the world in which they find themselves, millions of people everywhere must be looking for a way out.

Here are a few examples of groups who are helping others to jump ship:

The Peoples Public Trust (PPT)
See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKgdAX_hqV8 for more.

One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT)
Or here: http://wakeup-world.com/2013/02/18/all-corporations-banks-and-governments-lawfully-foreclosed-by-oppt/

The Universal Community Trust (UCT)
More here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSoA8qQW2uQ

(Our UK based PPT has recently been met with a US based group using almost the same name – the OPPT. This interesting development will hopefully not engender too much conflict or confusion… suffice to say, the UK’s PPT came first!)

Each group offers various ways to extricate oneself from the state machine and all are worth researching for their different merits. Inevitably however, the onus will be on each individual making life choices for him/herself that can facilitate the movement from one reality to another. There is a need for us to move together and be visible and audible in our decisions, moving steadily and with determination, finding The Others who will make the journey smoother but ultimately real change comes from within us all on an individual level.

This gradual transformation takes me back to the changing body of planet Earth and its natural cycles of growth and decay. Consider, perhaps that a conscious entity in its own right has made itself available for this breakthrough of conscious experience and is engaging with us in the journey. Our own bodies and our inner worlds are tied to this expansion, we have asked for this experience and we will either decide to change and adapt with the flow or stay embedded in the lesson, still searching for something…

For more muse-ment on planetary consciousness and the human condition watch:
A Place in the Sun – Heathcote Williams

‘Religious leaders’ ‘step down’ February 25, 2013

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Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Britain’s highest-ranking Catholic leader, said Monday he wouldn’t take part in the conclave to elect the next pope after being accused of improper conduct with priests – an unprecedented first head to roll in the mudslinging that has followed Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign.

Source: National Post

Benedict accepted O’Brien’s resignation as archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh – submitted back in November because he is due to turn 75 next month, the normal retirement age for bishops. But simultaneously, O’Brien issued a statement Monday saying he would also skip the conclave because he didn’t want to become the focus of media attention at such a delicate time for the church.

O’Brien has said through his spokesman that he is contesting allegations made Sunday in a British newspaper that three priests and a former priest have filed complaints to the Vatican alleging that the cardinal acted inappropriately with them. The Observer newspaper did not name the priests, but it said their allegations date back to the 1980s. There were no details about the alleged inappropriate behavior.

Read the full story here 

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