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PSTV Update – Get your content on our channel! March 17, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in PSTV related.

Here’s the latest update from Paradigm Shift TV – Beyond the mainstream, PSTV are now broadcasting 17 hours of r/evolutionary documentaries, news, comedy and music shows every week on Sky Showcase 191+192.

Check our schedule either online or subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly round up of what’s on. Newsletter subscribers are now entitled to 5% off on our entire DVD collection.

PSTV offers a platform for TV, film and documentary material that pushes the frontiers of broadcast media. We are committed to increasing awareness of the many and various shifts in paradigm taking place and welcome your enlightened media productions for consideration of new content on our channel. The platform for screening is completely FREE to content providers plus we can sell your DVDs in our online shop!

We really appreciate your feedback on our current range of broadcast material and welcome your ideas and suggestions for new content. PSTV wants to respond to the interests of its viewers and supporters as much as possible, and this is your chance to truly influence our content of the future (email holly@paradigmshift.tv with your thoughts).

Are you currently involved in a project or business with a market that will appeal to others with alternative views? Our rates are very competitive and you could find yourself attracting an entirely new audience. Bespoke advertising packages are available. Email us today with your ideas and we will endeavour to match your requirements: holly@paradigmshift.tv

We are dependent on your continued support. Thank you to all those who have already contributed to the growth of our channel but we need more of you to help us to expand into the broadcasting collective and ‘new mainstream’ that we are aiming to be. We appreciate donations of any size so please find out how you can directly support a shift towards a new community led media here: http://www.paradigmshift.tv/pstv/default/support



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