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Kickstarter appeal: Time of the Sixth Sun January 22, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Ancient History, Guidance, Spirituality.
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In support of this timely film and the statement pertaining to our transition. Not forgetting the gruesome mess we find ourselves in of course, we still have much dreaming and creating to do individually and collectively before we find ourselves in the reality of being truly united…

To find out more and to support the project click here


Time of the Sixth Sun is an epic docu-drama about the awakening and transformation of global consciousness, a witnessing of these times and the huge potential we have for change in the world, in the way we relate to it and in the way we live in it.

Introduced by actress Greta Scacchi and guided by our storyteller Tobias, who speaks to us on behalf of the collective from across time and space, we hear the transmissions of our world’s wisdom keepers. The film explores our awakening process from the point of seeding this planet through to humanity’s ascension as we move into a more evolved state of being and ascend to a higher level of collective consciousness. The film follows our ‘everyman’ protagonist, a travelling troubadour on his journey of awakening, as he symbolically and metaphorically reflects our journey back to us. This is a story about a journey to the heart as our collective experience becomes one of unity rather than separation.

FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/TimeoftheSixthSuntheMOVIE



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