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Anger over flouride plans January 22, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Governance, Health, Water.
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Fluoride is set to be added to drinking water throughout England and Wales despite controversy over the long-term health effects, it emerged yesterday.

Source: The Daily Mail
Excerpt: “The law is expected to be changed so that local authorities can compel water companies to add fluoride to water. Environmentalists and consumer groups, who believe fluoridation has links to cancer, Down’s syndrome and infant mortality, and can also damage bones, will be angered by the Department of Health policy…

…About five million people in England already have fluoride added to their tap water – in Birmingham, the West Midlands, and Tyneside – while another 500,000 on the eastern coastline get naturally fluoridated-water. But Jane Jones, campaign director of the National Pure Water Association, said: ‘There will undoubtedly be a huge row about the renewed proposal to add fluoride to drinking water on a wide scale in the UK.

‘This is nanny statism. It is outrageous. To medicate the whole population against their will is not the way to deal with tooth decay.'”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-180373/Anger-fluoride-plans.html#ixzz2Ik1FZ49x



1. dognamedblue - January 22, 2013

Tesla’s version of a wire free grid anyone?

2. Shawn Margaret Cohen - January 23, 2013

What a load of crap, how DARE they?? DUMBING US DOWN with their POISON! Most non sheeple people know it is poison, we know it was used on Jews in WWII in concentration camps to keep them dumb and quiet as they went to the gas chambers! We also know it is RAT POISON! FACT! NOT IN MY WATER! (And by the way, is the Government going to pay for a whole house water filtering system for my home and every home in the U.K. that does not want to be poisoned!!!!????)

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