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The Nazi roots of the European Union January 9, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Education, Governance, Guidance, Media, Science.
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The Nazi roots of the European Union.

excerpt: Once upon a time, there was an industrial combine in Nazi Germany called IG Farben. It was the largest chemical/pharmaceutical octopus in the world. It owned companies, and it had favorable business agreements with companies from England to Central America to Japan.

The author of The Devil’s Chemists, Josiah DuBois, traveled to Guatemala in the early days of World War 2, and returned with the comment that, as far as he could tell, Guatemala was “a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.”

This article will refer you to two other riveting books, but first I want to make a few comments.

The pharmaceutical empire was and is one of the major forces behind the European Union (EU). It is no accident that these drug corporations wield such power. They aren’t only involved in controlling the medical cartel; they are political planners.

This is how and why Big Pharma fits so closely with what is loosely referred to as the New World Order. The aim of enrolling every human in a cradle-to-grave system of disease diagnosis and toxic drug treatment has a larger purpose: to debilitate, to weaken populations.

This is a political goal. It facilitates control.

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1. Jennifer Allan - January 14, 2013

Can you tell me what time and when these all these catagories are going to be shown on TV please i am fairly new to the site and need to be shown around on how to find out the times they will be shown on TV i am a disabled housebound lady and am very interested in all the programmes you show. It`s great to get the facts. I perfer this sort of TV i can never understand the way they show fictional programmes surely why can`t they use this Media to get the truth out there surely this must be a more appropriate than the muck they show on TV now. If they did show the facts at least that would justify why we pay for a TV Licence. Thankyou for the decent facts that you show.Sincerely J.Wheeler.

Holly Rose Wood - January 15, 2013

Thank you Jennifer, I couldn’t agree more about the appalling state of the content on TV and I am pleased you found us. We are happy to be engaged in tipping the balance. The article that you commented on is an excerpt from another article elsewhere on the web. The blog is text based commentary on the bigger picture Paradigm Shift and contributors will not tend to discuss what’s on Sky 191. If you want to find out what’s on Sky Showcase you can link to the PSTV website schedule here: http://www.paradigmshift.tv/pstv/view/schedule
We have been experiencing changes to our scheduling however so if something’s not adding up on Sky you might get a clearer picture of what’s on here: http://information.tv/WhatIsOnShowcaseTv/TheSchedule/?day=0

If you want to be updated with the latest blogs and PSTV news you can sign up to the newsletter from the front page of the PSTV site. We are going to be developing new content this year and although we may suffer some cuts to the airtime, we hope to make up for it with some more diverse UK based ‘alternative’ media. Keep in touch 🙂

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