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Know thy Enemy Know thy Self January 6, 2013

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Governance, Guidance, Spirituality.
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Blog response to The Third Force

I was pleased and surprised to see that the previous article had made it to the top of the most read articles on Veterans Today. It is a subject that has struck me as one of the most important to integrate yet one of the most difficult to discuss.

The alien agenda brings with it a multitude of questions and a confusion of answers that may leave even the most open-minded scrutineers in a fearful quandary. When attempting to uncover the root of the global problem it is quite a leap to navigate from scapegoating a few powerful families and their forefathers to this third force – an alien race with a penchant for global domination who must create a mindless and subservient population in order to perpetuate their reign.

Or maybe it’s not so big a leap. Perhaps more like a natural progression because even when the Rothschilds and their cold blooded family and friends become clear suspects as the controlling marauders, the question of “why is the world like it is?” that inevitably started the initial inquiry still does not have a sufficient answer. What is the tyranny that has been in evidence since the beginning of recorded history and in ancient myth and legend stretching back for thousands of years of human existence?

Naturally, in order to remove the next filter and see more deeply into the problem it is necessary to expand from a global to universal perspective. Some people may find it difficult to imagine what off world cultures (if they exist at all!?) would be doing wasting their time with the Earthlings but that just sounds like stalling to me. If the Earth is a microcosmic reflection of a universal story and if we are not the only sentient beings in the universe then it sounds plausible that Earth could be part of a much bigger picture, encompassing many multitudes of happenings that we are only just becoming open to.

Given that we live on a tiny planet in this gargantuan universe there is probably much more going on that we are not yet privy to making it increasingly pressing to be able to take in bizarre happenings and make sense of them. Most importantly we must know our own minds and be sure of our strength of perception so that we can see through any further attempts to enslave us in this low vibrational state.

It clearly does matter whether you see your enemy to personal sovereignty as ‘human beings with a lust for power’ or ‘something or things as yet unknown’.

Being prepared requires more than string and a pen knife in these wild times – The recovery of the authentic self and the authentic human experience requires that no stone be left unturned and demands an awareness of oneself that transcends past reflection. Knowing your enemy is vital. Knowing also that the remedy is to know thy Self in relation to it.



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