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Up your Ages and Balls to War December 29, 2012

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Ancient History, Governance, Science, Spirituality.
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I hope you all made it beyond the veil of winter solstice 2012 and are now enjoying your life in full colour 5D definition? If you haven’t quite managed to pull yourself through from the sleepy Christmas time warp then don’t worry, a good dose of something sparkly and a brief foray into some of the material suggested below should put you straight in time for 2013.

Are your mates giving you a hard time about your crazy ‘End World’ prophecy? Do you need to brush up on some 2012 trivia? If so PSTV recommend:

2012: Mayan Prophecy & the Shift of the Ages
Written by Geoff Stray & Philip Coppens

First released in 2009 this video revisits some interesting topics such as the fabled return of 9 Gods of the underworld and conceptual frameworks regarding the evolution of the mind and the nature of time. Not to be missed is the clear message of 2012 being a mid-point at the crux of novelty in the universe and therefore an indicator of new beginnings… so you can take off those lead helmets now.

At the eve of this old ‘Gregorian time’ year and in anticipation of a new one PSTV would like to say, simply – “Balls to War” and bring you the latest video from Heathcote Williams – Classic dry and incisive comedy for all those seriously amused open minds out there. Great to share with friends and family and not to be missed:

Balls to War: a Sports Report from 1170 A.D. to the Present
Written by Heathcote Williams
Narration and montage by Alan Cox

Have fun!



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