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Catastrophe or Synchronous Unification? November 21, 2012

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Ancient History, Fact or Fiction?, Guidance, Spirituality.
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They warn that unless we “transition through synchronous unification of our civilizations consciousness” we will most likely be caught up in the resulting chaos.

Check out the latest outcrop of ‘catastrophe’ related news that has been flung into the Inter-net:

Before it’s News: Russian Cosmonaut backed by 50 other scientists crack crop circle code

This crop circle decoding has led Maria Popovich and others to conclude details of seven catastrophes. They warn that unless we “transition through synchronous unification of our civilizations consciousness” we will most likely be caught up in the resulting chaos.

Before we get all frantic rushing around trying to activate our merkabah’s by snorting a load of ormus, let us pause and reflect. If you were a sentient light-being who had been engaged in the task of removing and then reactivating human DNA on Earth for the last let’s say 26,000 years, would it be sufficient at the ‘End Days’ to plant a few symbols in the crops, laced with universal code in the hope that we would somehow work it all out and jump back to life, reactivated with the full powers of our former glory?

I would suggest that the sensible thing to do would be for us to plant something that provides a point of focus that is not fear based. How else can we be expected to make this synchronous unification and rise up together for their must be a light to head to. For those of us who are fully embedded within the crest of the wave of the new humanity there seems to be a huge gulf in our understanding of how we get to where we are going. Many have only relatively recently woken up to the extent of the sickness that has humankind enslaved and we are still rather caught up in that discussion. Erm… sorry, but we appear to have missed the part about activating our merkabah’s synchronously. Could you go over that again please?

The 2012 date will lead you into a frenzy of mental cleansing so let it pull the rug out from under your illusions and leave you standing on solid ground, alert and in tune with your own personal flow, knowing that you will be in the right place at the right time. The point is to get connected to real-life positive focal points that are not engaged in pointless backstabbing at a defunct system. Make contact with others who are most interested in creating the alternative and do it! The only reason the old system still exists is because we acquiesce to it, this doesn’t mean you have to risk Freeman tactics and turn and fight, simply withdraw your energy from it as much as you can and run the other way jumping for joy at the beautiful new horizons that start appearing in your mind’s eye.

Reconnection with Earth is key so remember to provide balance to the dark by imagining or better still, being in a blissful mental and emotional state by connecting with the beauty that is to be found all around you. Hang out with the insects, they know a lot about cosmic intelligence. Talk to the birds and sing to the plants, it won’t be long before you feel a familiar sense of connection.

Whatever bizarre information reaches you from the outside world your reality begins and ends with you so try not to get caught up in other peoples’ stories whether they are a NASA scientist, a well respected channeler or your best bud. Be aware of the sources of your fears for they will be clogging up your mental and emotional body, fogging what is real. Life is an endless voyage of overcoming fears so it makes sense to relish each new discomfort that comes your way, facing each one on the Mountain of Truth or the Cave of Personal Integrity, making light of it and then onto the next one, gathering strength and bounce as you go.



1. Zaichik - November 21, 2012

Get with the insects? Are you cirrius?? Our Russian brothers and Sisters are doing a great deal more than that! Get with your inner technology and do energy work that is rooted in ancient traditions…

A Hathor Planetary Message

Received by Tom Kenyon
January 18, 2007, Orcas Island

Your world, as you have known it, is disintegrating, falling apart, =
or=E2=80=94transforming, depending upon your perspective. Your position =
in time and space, the moment of your life, is indeed stretched.

As we view the probabilities of your immediate future we would say to =
you to be prepared for the unexpected. The earth changes are upon you. =
You are in the midst of them, and as we have said previously, you can =
expect an increase in volatile weather patterns, earthquakes and =
volcanic activity. The stresses to your eco-systems are increasing. As =
you deal with these immediate changes at a third dimensional level, the =
possibility is very strong that you could lose your connection to the =
aspects of yourself that lie outside of time and space. And yet it is =
this aspect that will carry you through the turbulent times that are =
upon you. We cannot emphasize this enough.

You must find your spiritual center, otherwise you will be blown about =
like leaves in the wind; for the chaotic elements of earth =
transformation are on the rise, and you may expect more chaos and =
disruptions in all aspects of your earthly life in the coming years.

The task, then, is how to find your center. This is a journey of the =
soul that each of you must take, and indeed, from our perspective, your =
earthly life is, itself, the journey of the soul through the worlds of =
matter, time and space.

There are two aspects we would wish to focus upon here. One, we will =
call your human identity. This is the life you live=E2=80=94your work, =
your family, the culture, and this moment in history. The other aspect =
is transcendent to all of this. It is the interdimensional reality of =
your being. This aspect of yourself resides in consciousness, not =
matter; thus it is outside of the constraints of time and space as you =
experience them in your earthly life.

For many of you, your earthly life will become increasingly difficult, =
unless you find a pathway through yourself into the greater aspects of =
your being. This has nothing to do with religion. It is physics. Some of =
your religions hold the seeds of this knowledge, but unfortunately they =
are tainted and do not lead you to freedom or mastery, but rather to =

One of the pressures of this time is a result of many individuals waking =
up. The forces that control your destiny, in terms of earthly life, are =
not comfortable with this, and they are doing everything they can to =
perpetuate unconsciousness and subservience.

So do understand, as you contemplate yourself, that there are reasons =
why it is so difficult to find this pathway through yourself to the =
greater aspect of your being, and yet it is through this passage that =
you will find solace, comfort and resolution through your difficult =
earthly experiences.

As the chaos increases you will find the old ways of solving problems =
incapable of resolving situations=E2=80=94because the fabric of your =
reality is changing. You can no longer anticipate future events in the =
ways you used to. From our perspective, it is paramount that you find a =
way to access the knowledge you possess that is outside of your earthly =
constraint of time and space.

We are focusing upon this simple task rather than the specifics of the =
coming earth changes for two reasons. For one, we do not wish to =
frighten you. Secondly, there is little you can do to avert some of =
these coming changes, which will affect your environment, your culture, =
your economics, and your political institutions. We believe it is better =
to focus upon what you can do rather than to dwell upon what you cannot.

Awaken from your slumber oh gods and goddesses of this earth! Step past =
those who would tell you that you are only and merely human. Find the =
chamber, the inner sanctum of your being, and experience life in a new =

This is wonderfully poetic, but let=E2=80=99s get down to the brass =
tacks. How do you do it?

We have given inner technologies that would assist you in this in =
previous communications. Let us review the fundamentals so you do not =
need to spend your time searching through the archives.

The first has to do with sacred geometry and the second has to do with =
ecstatic states of being.

First, the geometry. We suggest you experiment with this; play with =
this, and master this very simple geometry. Carry it with you in your =
conscious awareness at all times so that you may create it at will, as =
needed, both for yourself and for those you are connected to.

It is called a Holon, and the specific one we refer to is the =
Octahedron, or the Holon of Balance. Imagine yourself surrounded by a =
pyramid of light that extends above you and a matching pyramid below =
you. These are square-based pyramids, one pointing up, and one pointing =
down. You are in the center of this. If you are lying down, you are on =
the square, where the two bases of the pyramids touch, and the pyramid =
above you matches the pyramid below you. You make this as large or as =
small as you wish, so long as you are completely enclosed within it.

If you are standing or sitting, the axis of the octahedron extends =
through the center of your body, so that if you were to draw a line =
through the apex of the top pyramid through the center down to the apex =
of the opposite pyramid, this line would pass through the center of your =
body. This octahedron balances energy. It is the balancing of the male =
and female aspect of consciousness. Do not let its simplicity fool you! =
It is a powerful tool for balancing subtle energies.

We suggest you create this many times a day in a playful manner, like a =
child would play with a toy. Do this many times so that it can be =
created instantly, as needed, without thinking about it.

One of the unfortunate side effects of the chaotic energies upon your =
earth is that the magnetics will be disturbed. Many times this will =
happen. It is already happening. It will tend to make people irrational, =
quick to temper, irritable, depressed, overwhelmed, and prone to a host =
of negative mental/emotional and energetic states. When you feel =
yourself in one of these states, immediately create the Holon of the =
Octahedron around you, and in a few moments you will experience a =
calming, balancing effect.

When you become aware that an area of the earth is disturbed, you have a =
right as an embodied god/goddess/creator to send the Holon of Balance =
(the Octahedron) to that area. In your imagination enfold this entire =
area that is disturbed within the Octahedron and you will impart a =
balancing effect. This is, from our perspective, the greatest service =
you can offer in these disturbing and volatile times.

There are some who say you should never intervene in a situation, but =
that is not our understanding. You are of the earth and you have, =
therefore, a right and a responsibility to the Earth, although you may =
not be from here=E2=80=94for many of you are form other star =
systems=E2=80=94you find yourself here, anchored through your =
embodiment, and the very elements of your body are of the earth. So the =
earth is part of your harmonic frequency, and so this imparts to you the =
right to intervene and the responsibility.

The other aspect we wish you to clearly understand is a topic so vast =
that we could spend much time explaining it; but for the sake of this =
communication we will simplify it. There are beings among you who wish =
to increase the chaos, the terror and the catastrophes. And so when =
there is a disturbance upon the earth, created through the acts of men, =
interdimensional beings, or the earth itself, these beings of which we =
speak, are delighted, for it increases the fear upon this earth, and =
fear is their greatest weapon, and they are masters at it. And so we say =
to you that whenever an event occurs in your future that generates fear, =
you may rightly suppose that these beings are somehow involved. By =
sending the Holon of the Octahedron to balance this area or these areas, =
you are creating an antidote to their poison.

Be clear in this: from our perspective you are in a spiritual battle for =
the destiny of this earth, but the mastery that is required is that you =
not succumb to the fear and terror, but that you transcend it and =
introduce antidotes; and the Holon of the Octahedron is one that is easy =
to create.

For you own personal sake and the sake of the earth, we strongly suggest =
that you master this and begin to use it.

The second pathway to your aspect of being that is outside of time and =
space is through ecstatic states of consciousness. We have previously =
given specific methods that create this coherent state of body and mind =
in the most efficient and immediate ways. So that you do not have to =
search the archives for this information, we have repeated it at the end =
of this communication.

In summation, we would say that the events that seem to be moving in =
your direction are both catastrophic and catalytic. If you remain =
marooned in third dimensional awareness they will be truly catastrophic, =
for the tap root of your personal identity is rooted in something that =
is about to change. The very ground of your reality=E2=80=94your earthly =
experience and so many elements of life as you have known it=E2=80=94are =
in the midst of change. This creates immense insecurity.

At deep primordial levels of your consciousness, an un-easiness is upon =
you. Many of you sense this. This is because at an unconscious level, =
you know what is coming. We do not think it wise to dwell upon those =
things you cannot change; focus instead upon what you can do.

Find the pathway into your transcendent being that is outside of time =
and space, and with the knowledge that is revealed to you, you can =
affect time and space in new ways. Then you become creators, or more =
accurately, co-creators.

It is time for the pawns to step up and become the kings and queens. =
Change the chessboard of your earthly history. This is your challenge =
and your opportunity. From the standpoint of your soul, what is =
important is not life itself, but how you live your life. The pressures =
that seem so immense are actually catalysts for propelling you into your =
greater identity. It is not the events in your future that shape you, =
but how you deal with them.

The Hathors

2. poleshift2013 - November 22, 2012

Hey PSTV, What happened to the last post?That guy was on to something!! Poleshift2013 we believe that Popovich, who is a close friend of Putin and his dark agenda, is working for the Kremlin. She is responsible for misinformation and mindcontrol on BIG Scale in our country. Do not trust her!! From transmissions we get similar to the last guy we understand the north pole is predicted to shift into central Siberia. Don’t be fooled by Putin and his lies!!!

3. Zaichik - November 22, 2012

Spasiva poleshift2013, I’m not guy by the way!!Didn’t know that my comment had been deleted! I wonder why? As I understand it the media spin on Popovich et al here in the west does not tally with what the truthers are saying in Russia, am I right? There have been some people over here challenging this media monopoly. There is some concern that Drunvalo, that sweetest of souls, has been the victim of mind control too. When you take a look at him in this interview his energy seems to have shifted. He looks unwell and confused, not at all his usual self. Something’s up. You Russians, with your long history of bio feedback and bio resonance know much more about how this has been applied to military technology than we do over here.
In the end we just can’t know for sure what is being orchestrated and whether or not pole shift will be staged as a false flag event. All we can do is work with the infinite resources our inner technologies offer us, our light body, our meridians, our quantum awareness. Perhaps the time of lonely soul searching is over and now we must look to eachother to find our truth. As Thich nhat Hanh says, the next buddha (or enlightened state of being) will not come as an individual, but as a community,
If this is the case, why was my post deleted PSTV? What happened to freedom of speech?

Holly Rose Wood - November 25, 2012

Not deleted, I am guessing it was because I hadn’t approved your comments yet. I am quite new to wordpress so you will have to forgive the occasional slip. I am also not spending a huge amount of time in front of a computer so a speedy response is unlikely… sorry :(.

Back to the discussion. Your comments are related to the point I was making about misinformation and personal truth. Anyone purporting to have inside information about the real picture of this shift must be treated with caution. The beauty of it is that no-one knows when or what so looking outside for answers will always lead to confusion.

I have enjoyed the Hathor material and I tend to inform my direction with trusted channeled information because I figure that off world consciousnesses will have more accurate info about the Human-Earth story than anyone who has grown up in a body here.

My advice is that because of the intentionally confusing nature of this time we have only one choice but to develop a stronger relationship with ourselves and Trust. Trusting and knowing our path and giving ourselves to it despite all the unknowns. We have to be comfortable to not know and lead on with brighter days in our sights, knowing that there are some deeply personal lessons to be learned and a divine purpose to it all.

It’s not easy, somedays I am there, somedays I feel like shutting down but always these days I trust that every moment is perfect at the level that is right for me and where my mind is. The key part is reprogramming the mind to hard-wire new attitudes. Positive intention is the way forward there.

So, I am not going to get into discussions about who is or isn’t telling the truth about something, they probably think that it is the truth and that they have a duty to inform people. Who am I to judge another person’s story? Let other people be where they are at and focus on developing your own new vibrations with the Earth. I believe that Gaia decides ultimately, but she isn’t going to do it until the time is right.

Zaichik - December 2, 2012

Thanks for your thoughtful reply which I have only just seen.
I am glad you liked the Hathor transmission and yes, I think you are right when you say that ‘off world’ consciousness will have the most accurate information about the challenges we are facing on this planet. I’m kind of hoping too that part of the shift might include the awareness that we are all capable and connected to off world consciousness ,and that it is not isomething outside of ourselves, but actually an integral part of human experience.
Personal truth and trust in the perfection of it all is crucial and at the same time so is our ability to be aware of false prophesies, in order to be wise rather than reactive. In the end, no one except Popovich herself knows her true agenda, and there may be some who, knowing the extent and the depth of mind control strategies, especially in Russia, even doubt that she does know herself what or who she is working for.
Talking at length to an NLP master about all of this last week, we ended up discussing the story from Exodus about Moses getting water from a stone. He is desperate to give water to the children who are dying of thirst in the desert. God instructs Moses to talk to the rock, so that it may bring forth water. But instead Moses strikes the rock with a stick and water does indeed flow, but it is black water,and cannot be drunk. If the stone symbolises truth, as it does in so many myths, there is an interesting message here. There is no sense in arguing about who is wrong, or right, or guardian of the ‘Truth’ as if it were something fixed or predetermined , it would be like Moses striking the rock. Utterly futile. Perhaps we can only get into dialogue about truth,as it exists in the ‘field’, as a way towards co creating our future reality.
I like the way the I Ching describes the future as something that is moving towards us, not something we are moving .
Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts…It makes for interesting journey, doesn’t it?

4. poleshift2013 - November 22, 2012

Privet Zaichik, Now my comment is vanished! Popovich was involved in the Phobos 2 big hoax of 1990’s. She is not cosmonaut, she is only pilot and puppet of Putin. Yes,Here in Russia many people are talking of this. Do you hear on the video, Poplova say ‘ catastrophe will not affect private property’!!! ? This is neo Stalinism. There is political agenda. Poleshift2013 we are posting in many places on the internet ‘ Do not believe Popovich!!’ This is a hoax, what you call a false flag event. Be aware!!

Holly Rose Wood - November 25, 2012

Thank you poleshift2013 🙂 I wasn’t aware that I had stumbled across a questionable hoax. I must say, watching the Popovich youtube videos, I was left feeling mildly hypnotised by their strange accents – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYLqMpJyJzM. You have to laugh really. I had always been happy with the concept that crop circles are beyond logic. Anyway, horses for courses as we say…

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