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Maggie’ll Fix It – How the mighty have fallen… November 9, 2012

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Fact or Fiction?, Governance.
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How the mighty have fallen and there will be none more enjoyable to watch than through the humiliation that is unfolding following the disgraced Jimmy Saville saga. The masters of slavery are finally getting their comeuppance and indeed, it is coming up all over the place. The Truth is Now ran the following story today: EXCLUSIVE – Shocked UK Prime Minister David Cameron Handed Tory Paedophile List Live On TV. Phillip Schofield handed over a card with names on it that he had found after making a ‘cursory glance’ at the internet. Baffled Cameron then voiced his concerns about starting a witch hunt…

Paradigm Shift TV have many friends who are embroiled in various aspects on the dark side of this story, some hackers are involved in taking down Paedophile websites which are created and replaced as soon as they are taken off line. Names of politicians have been traced to these accounts. Others have had their children taken away from them and put in foster care with no clear reason. Clearly there are lines of involvement throughout the political, royal and business world that seek to feed from a ‘power over’ relationship with others. Our global financial system supports the greedy and power hungry, it is no surprise then to uncover the rot that is at the centre of it all.

If you would like a little more exposé of the grotesque self indulgence of the ruling elite, you might enjoy the following videos from the excellent counterculture revolutionary – Heathcote Williams:

Maggie’ll Fix It

Princely Porn

The Courts of Royal Babylon

Further Research:

The Sixties Rag re-emerges in modern times: http://internationaltimes.it

Child Stealing by the State: http://victims-unite.net/2011/04/26/uk-social-services-stealing-children-aka-state-kidnapping/



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