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11:11 – Towards Oneness : Beyond Duality November 9, 2012

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Environment, Guidance, Science.
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Numbers must be one of the most utterly deep symbols in the universe.

The final activation of the 11.11 gateway is occurring on 22/11/2012 – add all the numbers together and you get 11! This mysterious and otherworldly deliverance has been going on since the initial ceremony on 01/11/1992, the grand activation was last year on 11/11/2011 and the 11th and final push will be celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people globally in a couple of weeks.

The excitement stems from an understanding that these dates are encoded, energetic signatures signaling a transformational process occurring deep within our collective conscious experience, marking the gateway from duality to oneness. The 1+1 is linked to the duality of the sun and moon or the expansive and contractive forces of the universe.

Examining the 11 brings up a number of startling clues as to the significance of this number: the 11 year sunspot cycle, the 11.11 universal time ‘end time’ signature of the Mayan prophecy due to pass on 21/12/2012 (another date adding to 11). Sept 11 which is 0+9+1+1 (=11) crops up considerably in articles on this subject. The 1+1 represents the duality of 1 perceiving itself, 11 is binary level 3 –  the number of creation, The Fibonacci curve begins with 1+1. There are 11 Sephirot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, 1+1 + 11 = 13. M-Theory attempts to unite a number of different string theories into one and features 11 dimensions. Even the birth date of Christ has been calculated to satisfy the scrutiny of experts on September 11th, 3BC.

Numbers must be one of the most utterly deep symbols in the universe. In all likelihood it is possible to sum up everything with numbers… 42 being one such attempt in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! Of what importance are 10 fingers and toes? (In a unary numeral system the number 10 would be written as 11). Multiply 1111 x 1111 and you get 1234321. This kind of thing begs the question – do we really understand numbers at all?

Whatever the significance is, you decide. Consider these global activation gatherings as a celebration of the Grand Re-union and continue on your way. Pausing to reflect upon the many mysteries of life as you know it and contemplate another existence devoid of secrecy, fear and greed. There might well be somewhere to get to apart from the supermarket or a friend’s birthday party. Perhaps we are looking forward to a global birthing party, occurring at different levels of understanding within the great story of this time. So much mystery surrounds these ‘end times’ that the only thing to do is make your own mind up and I don’t think it’s as complicated as it seems. Plus, the feeling of  massive global celebration is a great one to conjure up!

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