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Tracking Souls to the Afterlife November 4, 2012

Posted by Holly Rose Wood in Fact or Fiction?, Guidance, Science.
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Whilst we are on the subject of dramatic shifts in our scientific understanding of conscious awareness (see previous blog on The Secrets of Water) let’s examine the latest findings from Dr Stuart Hameroff – Director of the Centre of Consciousness studies at the University of Arizona – a specialist in quantum theories of consciousness. His most recent findings bring to light significant evidence of the existence of the soul through his research into brain activity and near death experience.

An article about Hameroff’s findings appeared in the Daily Mail of all places who typically branded the research as quasi-religious to appease all those sleepy non-believers out there. This is exactly the kind of content that will turn the heads of these staunch defeatists who live their lives in an aloof stasis of ignorance, too dumbed down to dare twitch the net curtains of illusion. Take a closer look for yourselves in this excellent video that shows evidence of microtubules in the brain that carry energy (which Hameroff’s team are calling the soul) outside the body during death, adding some long awaited clarity through objective measurement to countless recorded NDE experiences.



1. Maria Shephard - November 5, 2012

Would love to take a look for myself but there is no video to look at only an image of a player/video !!

Holly Rose Wood - November 8, 2012

Working now, thanks x

2. matejadotse (@matejadotse) - November 6, 2012

Hi 🙂 the video doesn’t work properly, at least not for me. Pls if you could fix it, it’s a very interesting topic, thanks!

Holly Rose Wood - November 8, 2012

Whoops, try again. Thank you !

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